We Beat Traffic Charges. Period!

Suspended DrivingKeep Your Licence

Our Experienced Traffic Ticket Paralegal Team Help you with your Serious Traffic Ticket Charge. An Honest Mistake Defence Won’t Do. Mandatory Licence Suspensions and Jail can be handed out in addition to large minimum fines. Don’t Risk Your Liberty!

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Careless DrivingAvoid Points and Suspensions

Careless Driving can cost you a lot more than the fine on the ticket. Licence Suspensions and Jail can be handed out in addition to large fines and demerit points. Our Traffic Ticket Paralegal Team will help you Fight this every step of the way.

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Stunt DrivingSpeeding 50 km/h or more

In addition to the 7 day Licence Suspension and vehicle seizure you are facing a 2 year suspension and 6 months in jail. Min $2000 Fine & Max Fine $10,000.

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No InsuranceNo Insurance is Costly

Driving without insurance will cost you an minimum $5000 and up to $25,000 for a first offence, and your licence can be suspended and up to a $50,000 for a second conviction

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Fail to RemainHit and Run Accidents

Hit and Run will land you in Jail in many cases. We can help you avoid jail and keep your driver’s licence.You may have a Legal Defence. Get legal advice now!

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SpeedingSpeeding 16 km/h or more

Demerit Points and Insurance rates will concern most driver’s and some may even face a mandatory suspension, even for a minor speeding ticket.

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We Provide Free Customized Legal Action Plans for Your Traffic Case

How it Works?

Free Consultation:

Give us as many details about your case that you can remember.

We are available 24/7 to respond to your legal questions and requests for legal services.

All of our Traffic Ticket Paralegals are Licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada to provide legal services in Ontario, Canada.

David Chatten, Student at Law, is the owner of D.C. Paralegal Services and is Licensed as a P1 Paralegal in Ontario, Canada.

How We Help You:

We offer telephone and online consultations for Free!

 We have handled thousands of traffic cases and we only have to ask you the questions once to build the complete picture and craft your legal defence.

We take a personal interest in all of our clients, and would like to customize your defence taking all relevant personal circumstances into consideration when representing you.

Everyone faces challenges, but some people face more than others.

The court must take your personal circumstances into consideration when dealing with your Ontario Traffic Ticket in the P.O.A. court.

Authorise Us to Help You:

Once you have contacted us, and received Free Legal Advice from a Traffic Ticket Expert and your customized Legal Action Plan for your case approved by one of our Traffic Ticket Paralegal experts, if you agree with the Legal Action Plan, you can authorize our office and a Traffic Ticket Paralegal on our team to represent your interests in traffic court.

Affordable Fees that are Easy to Pay:

We accept Interac Email Money Transfers, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal

Fight in Court:

In most cases, you will not have to attend court. Our traffic Ticket paralegal Team are experts at resolving matters without our clients being present.

We are always aiming for a complete dismissal or withdraw of the Traffic Ticket when possible.

If the Traffic Ticket cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, Our traffic ticket Paralegal experts have the knowledge and experience to challenge the prosecutors case, and in most cases, our clients choose not to give evidence.

Even without your evidence being given, there are many legal defences that may be presented.

Why Us?

Do You Depend on Your Driver's Licence?

If you need your Driver’s Licence to support your family and yourself, you have many more reasons to hire a top professional, rather than the lowest priced Paralegal. If you depend on driving for employment purposes or transportation to work, you may be taking a large risk by not hiring an Expert Traffic Court Paralegal. Our head office is in Belleville, Ontario, Canada and we offer our services to the entire Province of Ontario and limited areas outside of Ontario.

Why Hire a Legal Industry Expert?

We consistently get the results we promise our clients. We know the local practices in most traffic courts in Ontario and use them to your advantage. We have a reputation for only taking on cases where we can benefit the client. If your cases doesn’t need an expert, we will tell you, and refer you to a more affordable solution in the area local to your charge. We are here to help everyone who calls and have a large network to place you with the proper professionals.

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