Careless Driving Accidents Ontario

Careless Driving Accidents

The police are at Careless Driving Accidents to investigate what happened at the accident and to oversee the safety of the public.

The officers who are investigating Careless Driving Accidents decide who and what caused the accident, or who is most at fault for the accident.

Once the police officer determines which driver is at fault for the driving infraction, the officer will give that driver a traffic ticket under the Highway Traffic Act.

It is up to the officers discretion to give a driver a traffic ticket, they do not have an obligation to do so.

Most times an officer will charge a driver involved in Careless Driving Accidents, but the officer has the right to give whatever charge they feel fits the situation as defined by the Highway Traffic Act.

A police officer may hand out tickets for Careless Driving Accidents because:

  • The officer thinks the driver was driving with acceptable consideration for other drivers

  • The officer thinks the driver was driving without exercising care and attention to others around them

  • The officer thinks that the driver is accountable for the accident and is pursuing a higher charge or penalty for the circumstances

  • There are many situations that Careless Driving Accidents encompass and a police officer often gives a Careless Driving ticket when they are unsure which situation they best fit in.

  • Every police officer that attends  Careless Driving Accidents and performs accident investigations have different strengths.  Some officers have more experience in these situations than others.

  • Some drivers have been charged in Careless Driving Accidents but careless driving may not be the proper charge for the situation.

  • There may be a specific charge in the Highway Traffic Act that better represents what occurred.


Do not fight your Careless Driving Charge yourself

You may get your Careless Driving Accidents charge reduced yourself, but you may miss getting the charge thrown out completely or get the ticket won on a technicality.


Careless driving Accidents Have Lasting Consequences:

  • You will face a dramatic increase in your insurance

  • 6 Demerit points

  •  2 year licence suspension

  • Possible Jail Sentence

  • High Fines

D.C. Paralegal Services is Here to Fight your Careless Driving ticket

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Not Guilty of Careless Driving Accidents

  • To be convicted of a Careless Driving Accidents, the court makes the decision, not the police officer.

  • The charge of careless driving encompasses a wide range of offenses and it is often comprised of the officers opinion or belief that the driver is driving without due care and attention while driving.

  • It is your best interest and right to bring your ticket to the court and  dispute the opinion of the police officer.


D.C. Paralegal Services have over 10 years experience in the Ontario courts and have dealt with countless careless driving tickets, and I know we can help you fight yours.  Most all the time you do not have to appear in court.


Have D.C. Paralegal Services Fight Your Careless Driving Ticket

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Careless Driving Accidents Free Legal Advice


Call D.C. Paralegal Services and you’ll speak to:

  • Former law enforcement officers, and paralegals with decades of experience in the Ontario Provincial courts

  • Licensed employees by the Law Society of Upper Canada

  • Employees with court experience in accident and careless driving tickets

  • Professionals that have helped and been very successful in challenging and winning careless driving tickets

D.C. Paralegal Service is unique because:

  1. We have a client portal that gives our clients the power to see updates with their case online.

  2. We have Paralegals all over Ontario working for us

  3. We don’t take on cases that we know you are able to handle on your own

Your case will always receive:

  • Personalized Attention

  • We do everything we can to win your ticket

  • We ensure that your insurance rates to not increase

  • We file court documents and motions

  • We obtain the disclosure and  any police reports

  • You are represented at any court appearances and at trial


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