Careless Driving Options Ontario

There are 3 Careless Driving Options that you have when fighting a Careless Driving Charge


Careless Driving Options#1:
Plead Guilty with an Explanation – Not Recommended

  • The Justice of the Peace (Judge) listens to your version of events

  • All the Justice of the Peace can do is lower the Fine

  • The Justice of the Peace can not withdraw, dismiss or cancel ticket

  • Demerit Points that occurred because of the Careless Driving Charge cannot be removed

  • The Careless Driving or any other ticket or conviction goes on your driving record for 2 years

  • Your Careless Driving Charge will negatively affect your Insurance


Careless Driving Options #2:
Meet the Prosecutor to discuss your Careless Driving Charge
Never Recommended

  • You can set up meeting withe the Prosecutor at the court house with a court clerk – this could avoid having a trial

  • When you meet with a prosecutor you forfeit the right to win your case completely

  • A conviction goes on your record

  • Demerit Points go on your record for 3 years

  • Your Careless Driving Charge will negatively affect your Insurance

The Prosecutor is only allowed to reduce the ticket.  The conviction will go on your record and will negatively affect your insurance. If there was an accident then you are admitting to be at fault for that accident.

  • Clerks know nothing about accident investigations

  • It is import to that the court clerk as limited if not no power in making decisions in relation to your ticket

  • Court clerks aren’t qualified legally allowed to give or offer legal advice


Careless Driving Options #3:
Fighting the Careless Driving Charge – Always Recommended

  • Best way to keep your driving record clear

  • Would prevent your insurance rates from increasing

  • Police officer is required to attend court

  • Witnesses, if any, have to give evidence in court

  • The prosecution is required to prove the case against you

  • If the prosecution are unable to prove their case  against you, the the charge will be dismissed

  • A conviction will not be registered against your driving record until the day of court

  • You always have a chance to win your case if you fight it

Choose D.C. Paralegal Services To Give You More Careless Driving Options And A Winning Defense 

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Not Guilty of Careless Driving

  • To be convicted of a careless driving charge, the court makes the decision, not the police officer.

  • The charge of careless driving encompasses a wide range of offenses and it is often comprised of the officers opinion or belief that the driver is driving without due care and attention while driving.

  • It is your best interest and right to bring your ticket to the court and  dispute the opinion of the police officer.

D.C. Paralegal Services have over 10 years experience in the Ontario courts and have dealt with countless careless driving tickets, and I know we can help you fight yours.  Most all the time you do not have to appear in court.


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  • Licensed employees by the Law Society of Upper Canada

  • Employees with court experience in accident and careless driving tickets

  • Professionals that have helped and been very successful in challenging and winning careless driving tickets

D.C. Paralegal Service is unique because:

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Your case will always receive:

  • Personalized Attention

  • We do everything we can to win your ticket

  • We ensure that your insurance rates to not increase

  • We file court documents and motions

  • We obtain the disclosure and  any police reports

  • You are represented at any court appearances and at trial

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