Drive Suspended

If you Drive Suspended and are Charged you face Stiff Penalties:


For a 1st offence of Drive Suspended:

  • A fine from $1000 to $5000
  • An automatic Driver’s Licence Suspension for 6 additional months

If you Drive Suspended Twice  and are charged for a second time you could be facing:

 2nd or subsequent offence:

  • A fine from $2000 to $5000
  • Up to 6 months in Jail
  • An automatic Driver’s Licence Suspension for an additional 6 months.
Driver’s who Drive Suspended and  are convicted of Driving While Under Suspension in Ontario can expect to pay higher insurance rates than the average driver. Many employers will not hire an employee who has been convicted of Driving While Under Suspension. Some drivers may lose their employment Drive Suspended and are charged
If you Drive Suspended and are charged the penalties are very high. It is important to discuss with a licensed paralegal how Driving While Under Suspension penalties may affect you.
Our paralegals are experienced in handling these cases in courts all over Ontario (Here is a link to find your court location in Ontario)
Every case is unique and many cases of Driving While Under Suspension are resolved so the driver can keep their license and avoid jail.
When you Drive Suspended it is highly likely you will be charged with a Driving While Under Suspension Charge. You may have received this charge and may believe that once they have paid their outstanding fines and obtain a reinstated driver’s licence, it ends the matter. NO , This is NOT the Case- You must still attend Provincial Offences Act court to answer to the charge on the summons.

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Drive Suspended

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