Driving While Suspended in Ontario?

Driving While Suspended is one of the most common Ontario Highway Traffic Act charges that go to court at the Provincial Offences Act court.

If you receive a Driving While Suspended charge you can face:

  • Large fines from $1000 to $5000

  • A mandatory 6 month additional suspension of your driver’s licence

  • The court also has the power to impose up to 6 months in Jail.


Driving While Suspended

Can You Afford to Go To JAIL?

Driving while Suspended in Ontario can carry Jail time. Don’t Risk Your Liberty or Risk Leaving Your Family Stranded. A Conviction for Driving While Under Suspension in Ontario carries a Mandatory 6 Month Additional Suspension, which will not start until the original suspension ends.

Drive While Suspended

Do You Rely on Your Driver’s Licence?

If convicted of Driving While Suspended in Ontario, you will automatically have your Ontario Driver’s Licence suspended for an additional 6 months. If you can’t afford to lose your licence, do not go into court alone. Have your professional attend, well prepared, to persuade the court into imposing the most favourable result for you, letting you keep your licence. Go in under prepared or under represented, you risk losing your licence for 6 months. Trust your defence with a firm that has helped thousands of drivers.

When charged with Driving While Suspended in Ontario, you need our legal team on your side with our many years of proven success.

Other legal teams will take on any case that comes through the door and will not have the same superior success rate as a company that only works for qualified clients.

If we can’t help you, we will tell you so, and not let you retain our office un-necessarily.

If you try to handle this charge on your own, you risk jail time, mandatory licence suspensions, and high fines.



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