Rear End Accidents Ontario

Careless Driving:

Rear End Accidents



Occur Because:

  • The driver was not able to stop when they saw traffic ahead was stopped

  • The driver ahead of you stopped without notice

  • The driver was traveling too fast and so could not stop without hitting the vehicles in front

  • The driver was following too close stop and avoid a collision

  • The driver was distracted or wasn’t paying attention just before the accident

  • The driver has made an error


Penalties due to Rear End Accidents:

  • 2 Year Licence Suspension

  • Increased Insurance Rates

  • High Fines

  • Possible Jail Time

  • Lost Wages

  • Time away from family

  • Demerit Points


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Do not fight your Careless Driving Charge yourself.

If  you are convicted of careless driving you will face 6 demerit points or up to 2 year licence suspension.



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