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Ontario Stunt Driving and Racing Penalties:

  • For a first offence of Stunt Driving and Racing charges, the penalty includes a minimum Fine of $2,000 and up to a maximum of $10,000. You will also have to pay court costs and a Victim Surcharge ranging between $500 and $2,500.

  • Immediate roadside suspension of your Driver’s License for 7 days.

  • Seven days seizure of the vehicle that you were driving, regardless of who owns it. This also means that if the vehicle is a rental, you will be responsible for an additional 7 days of rental fees.

    **To get the vehicle back, you will have to pay towing charges and storage fees for the seven days that could cost thousands of dollars.

  •  License suspension up to 2 years (for a Second Offence – up to 10 years License Suspension) or, if your license is not suspended, you will automatically receive 6 Demerit Points from the Ministry of Transportation. At the end of your driver’s license suspension, you will have to pay $150.00 to the Ministry of Transportation to get your driver’s license back.

  • Jail sentence up to 6 months.

  •  If you injure or kill someone while Stunt Driving and Racing, you could be charged with a Criminal Offence and face up to 14 years imprisonment.

What we can do:

We can help you avoid a conviction for Stunt Driving and Racing.

In most cases we are able to have the charge reduced to a minor offence allowing you to stay out of jail, keep your license and save you thousands of dollars in fines.

Why We Should Fight Your Stunt Driving and Racing Charge 

1. Just because the police officer lays the Stunt Driving and Racing Charge, does not mean you are guilty.

2. If you plead guilty, you will always be found guilty

3. There are many elements to each offence and, unless you know what they all are, you need to speak to one of our professionals.

4. You only get one chance to win in the court room, our professionals win more often

5. The resolution that the Prosecutor may offer you for a Stunt Driving and Racing Charge may not be in your best interest.

6.We have Paralegals Licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada that specialize in defending a Stunt Driving and Racing charge and they are up to date in all the laws, including Charter of Rights and Freedoms Defences.

7. Licensed Paralegals on our team have access to the beat case law research that may help win your case.

8. Our Licensed Paralegals have strong negotiation skills, can advocate on your behalf, and, have developed professional relationships with the Prosecutors and court staff that helps to obtain a better result for you at court, even if you are guilty

9. If you plead guilty to a Stunt Driving and Racing Charge, you will be admitting to your family, friends, and coworkers (and, in some cases, even the Internet) that you did commit the offence that you were charged with.

10. The Prosecutor and police officer are not obligated to tell you the full implications of pleading guilty to a Stunt Driving and Racing Charge.


Having legal experts on your side is so important. We find the weak points of the case, and use them to your advantage.

Call the experts D.C. Paralegal Services to defend your Stunt Driving and Racing charge.

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